The origin of most idioms are lost to the histories of events and ideas. We know them only by word of mouth, not by how they came to be. And their meanings have stuck for better or worse. This, however, is how one came to be. So I’ll cut to the chase, don’t be a wet blanket and READ IT HERE.   



The pilgrimage from Elsinore to Salinas in the middle of the night may cause fatigue, delirium and a heavy state of thought provoking subject matter. Follow Rourke as he seeks to investigate Steinbeck country and the inspirational landscape behind the great writer’s works.  READ IT HERE.  



Sometimes there’s just no escaping your thoughts when you’ve had trouble sleeping all night. And it makes you wonder, was it the thought that kept you awake? Or the lack of sleep that got the motor running? Either way, this is a little ditty from that kind of thing. READ IT HERE.


Time sure does fly. But who’s really got the Time? Is it really on our side? . . . Crap I had a doctor’s appointment, what Time is it? . . . Time. Time. Time. Where does all the Time go. Only Time will tell . . . Time’s up. READ IT HERE.


The act of movement, going from one place to another when the body is at rest, is a meditation. It can send the mind whirling through colorful and impressionable visions without effort. In that space there is an infinite amount of time to extract and mull over the things one wishes they could change, they could do, make or see. READ IT HERE.


Lionel Kalish is a contemporary painter living in Greenwich Village. Kalish’s working career spans over 20 years as an illustrator during the ‘Golden Age’ of illustration on Madison Avenue. This is the tragic and triumphant tale of the artist, the love and hate of his youthful passion, and the soul’s search for a new means of catharsis told from the artist’s own mouth. READ IT HERE.


It’s important to remember we are all in this together. Stay informed. Stay safe. And READ IT HERE.


During a catastrophic event it can be easy to think in terms of survival, to act selfishly about oneself or one’s family in order to preserve lineage. However, there are some among us who throw caution to the wind and would sacrifice themselves for a stranger. This is that.



More Word coming soon.